Globallink Company LLC

GlobalLink Company LLC certificated distributor of equipment, components and software for industrial automation, process control and embedded systems.
Founded in 2006, GlobalLink Company has Headquarters in New-York.

In 2016 GlobalLink company together with China Company manufactured magnetic cables and gave them brand MAGNITTO.


Globallink has grown through the years but has kept its core mission of offering products with a spirit of real craftsmanship in terms of both design and quality. We are dedicated in crafting works of arts in the form of tech accessories. We are continuously working hard to think of the best products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are functional as well.

Amazon partnership

Globallink Company LLC is the only on-line retailer with authorization to sell MAGNITTO brand products.

We have partnered up with Amazon to provide you world class service including substantially reduced shipping time and 24/7 customer support. This means we ship our products to Amazons fulfilment centres and have them fulfil our orders to our customers.

Our products

We believe our success depend on primarily 4 factors:

Every single unit is carefully inspected prior to being shipped to amazon fulfillment centers. We have fantastic dedicated staff that will have inspected the product you will receive. We have several programs such as the Test Pilot Program that encourages and rewards our loyal fans to keep the best possible quality for all our products.

Our direct to consumer approach allow us to get direct feedback from our customers and keep our overheads at minimum so that we can offer wallet-friendly prices without ever compromising on quality.

We aim to provide the highest level of service and we guarantee reply to any concern or feedback you may have within 24/7

Warranty information

We take full ownership of the craftsmanship and quality in our products, but despite several quality checks you might have received a product that is faulty, no worries we are here for you. Contact Amazon for non-product specific information e.g. return or shipping queries. For product specific queries or warranty claims, please contact The Globallink or feel free to contact us directly by sending an email to